Harley Preston

Harley Preston

Harley Preston

Harley Preston is a Can Fit Pro registered personal trainer, and creator of Somatic Exercise Education: a fitness school centred on correcting muscular imbalance to improve function and reverse injury.  

Harley has overcome a life of obesity and a decade of debilitating injury.  Now, after 17 years of practice, Harley's programs create results quickly.  “I’m a naturally overweight person, with several underlying injuries.  I couldn’t seem to get weight off no matter what I did thru diet or training—and the injuries made it so much harder.  Once I figured out the simple strategies that automatically build muscle, burn fat and correct dysfunction, I transformed.  It’s as simple as that”.  Save time and money.  Create massive change now the intelligent way.  Lose fat.  Build muscle.  Increase function and performance—even with underlying issues.  Do it as fast as humanly possible.  

Harley is the go-to expert for adults with limitations or injury who want the most out of life.  He has trained masters athletes at the highest level of sport, from Canada's top masters paddler to a finalist in the Tournament of Hearts.      

“My dear friend and client, Maria Skelly, is alive because of the work we do.”  Maria spent 12 years in bed on pain killers to manage a neurological pain disorder (little's disease).  All the medical system could offer was a higher dose of the toxic drugs.  Maria felt the end was near and decided to seek an alternative.  After six months of training, she was out of pain and off the drugs.  Six years later, she is living her dream.  Maria has started the Pilot light initiative, and written a book to share her message of hope with the world.  

“My clients demand a high quality of life, and top performance—forever.  So that’s what I do.  I want to run thru the woods with the deer at 90.”     

Harley needed medically assisted weight loss by age 11.  In his ongoing struggle to lose the weight, at 28, his shoulder, back and knee were so injured he couldn’t walk or do any upper body training for a year.  As a medical exercise specialist, Harley had the knowledge and skill to reverse these injury conditions.    

After 10 years of injuries to his shoulder, knee and back, Harley thought the worst was behind him.  In 2018 however, he was diagnosed with osteoarthritis of the hip.  “For about three months I had pain that made it difficult just to stand.”  It turns out this was Harley’s magnum opus.  He went deeper into his work than ever before, and after two and a half years his hip no longer bothers him.  He even runs again!  He reversed his arthritis and is now fully functioning.  

Harley has been a multi-sport athlete for 17 years; with a focus on low-impact training and racing.  “I have won bike races, done triathlons, adventure races and lots of paddling races.” Harley's latest endeavour is to maintain advanced muscle mass, while remaining competitive in bicycle racing.  So far, so good.   

Harley has the techniques & strategies to build muscle and super athletic capacity, while concurrently reversing injury.  The only thing you have to do to change your life, is begin.