Our Team

Kevin Attewell

Kevin Attewell   |   Athletic Club Director

Kevin's lifelong interest in fitness and active living, and the fact that he has always enjoyed being in the gym, led to a career change in 2000. He remembers it as one of those “ah-ha” moments when he realized that he could actually work in this environment. Kevin got a job in a club, became a certified Personal Trainer and joined CanFitPro – Canadian Fitness Professionals - one of the world's largest associations of fitness professionals.

To obtain his goal of gaining varied experience in the fitness industry, Kevin has worked and studied at a variety of fitness facilities in Vancouver, Toronto, Calgary and Victoria. He believes that exercise and activity should be enjoyable and so he works to create a fun, positive atmosphere.

Eddie | Front Desk

Johanna | Front Desk

Lindsay | Front Desk

David | Front Desk

Jenny | Front Desk

Hunter | Front Desk

Harley Preston | Personal Trainer

Alana Collins | Personal Trainer

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